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Hello Lumiacraftians and Lumiacraftinets!

In west LumiaDeplhia born and raised, on the playground where I spend most of my days;
I come to you with a new update on the technical side of the server.

Lag Issues

We have pin pointed the issues that are causing the lag and will be updating them in the near future.

To give a bit of indepth information; The issues were caused due to our server running Multiverse-Inventories, Why is this plugin causing the problems, It's a very outdated version and it's also not supported anymore since Multiverse 2.5 and can't register newer blocks.

We will be updating this in the upcoming days, to a new plugin. Don't worry we will be taking a heads up on the inventory losses within Survival and have gotten a good solution to it since the plugin we are going to use works with the old multiverse configuration files

Ticket Service

It has come to our attention that the ticket system we are using at the moment isn't really what we expected,
Due to it not living up to it's prime by not being able to have offline tickets it simply doesn't work for us and we are looking into another one to make it easier for us to help all of you guys.

Chat Plugin

As everyone has noticed we had to change out the old chat plugin "Herochat" due to technical issues and it not being updated for 1.10.2 and making it so that we had double posted chat messages on our server.
We are looking into a new plugin that will make us able to create ChatChannels for you once more (I think the RP side of our server will be very pleased to hear this!)


As we last explained the Mcjobs plugin was outdated and we were looking for a newer plugin to work as a better version of this one, we have halted this due to the small issues we had on our server to make sure higher priority fixes will go through first. sorry for the delay on this but atm we can see the jobs plugin we are working with is still working alright and don't really is in that much of a need to be replaced as of yet so we will halt the update on it a bit further

I hope this message has made alot of the things happening on Lumia a bit more clear and hope you will be with us when we fix these small issues for you so you will have a nice time playing on the server as you are having now!

- Flakes(FreshFlakesOfBelair)

PW_Ace_Attorney Cool! Thanks for the update (especially about the chat plugin.) Might seem like a dumb question, but I'm writing a ...
HyperActive Admin The flow at the start of the rap was pretty good, but it kinda dropped off after a while and got to boring

Thank You!

Katiedid88 Admin posted Sep 21, 16

To all of you that have supported Lumia through donations, to those that have contributed your time and know-how to keep our server up and running and to those of you that grace Lumia with your presence on a daily basis, I… and Lumia… owe you more than I can express. You are all what make Lumia the community that it is and confirm that we continue to remain as strong as ever. Thank you so much! <3

LeutnantFlavian We become even stronger :d

Survival 1.10.2

xFlakesID Admin posted Aug 2, 16

Hello Lumiacraftians and Lumiacraftinets

We are happy to announce that you can now play minecraft 1.10.2 on the complete lumiacraft server!

Have I lost my progress?

No you haven't! that's the greatest part!  We have secured everything so you wont have to start over!

What about the MCJobs plugin update you were talking about?

We are still investigating the plugin, since we don't want you to lose progress with the jobs you already have set etc. To do this it will take a little time.

Enjoy playing!

- Flakes

Creative 1.10.2!

xFlakesID Admin posted Jul 25, 16

Hello again Lumiacraftians and Lumiacraftinets!

I am happy to announce that we can now say you are able to play on 1.10.2!
We have been working on this for a few weeks to make it go as smooth as possible and here we are!

Am i still able to get on Survival since its 1.9.4?

No not at the moment we are making sure we are not corrupting the world as we speak.
Basically since we don't know if biomes will go to waste or perhaps shift or even chunks despawn and make your town or builds vanish!

Bare with us towards the 1.10.2 Update of the survival!

What's new?

Well! New things being the new mobs and ofcourse the new nether blocks and more to your disposal we also introduce a new Ticket System for us to help you in a much more pleasant way!

We found out that the previous ticket system wasn't on par with the way we wanted so we invested in another one and we are happy to have done that!

Something something future?

How good of you to ask!

At the same time we are checking the worlds in survival if they will go full Banjo and Kazoo, We are also investing in a new Jobs plugin this will take a bit longer then the survival worlds its self but we will give you a new jobs plugin due to the one we are using being very outdated! this might take a while since we want it to go as smoothly as possible and without any data loss since we dont want you guys to lose all of your progress ofcourse!

- Flakes

HyperActive Admin Damnit Rader XD
RaderDawn &quot;At the same time we are checking the worlds in survival if they will go full Banjo and Kazoo&quot; wut ht...

1.10.2 Updating Update.

xFlakesID Admin posted Jul 25, 16

Goodday Lumiacraftians and Lumiacraftinets,

We will be starting updating the servers to 1.10.2 .
After much testing and work we are able to update your fun to the new updates of minecraft.

With this update we also are introducing a new ticket system called "MassiveTickets" to make our end and that of our players a much easier experience and much more fun for the both of us!

Also in the near future we will be updating our Jobs plugin for survival due to it being outofdate and this meaning it will take a bit of time for us to update due to the fact that we don't want you guys not to lose any progress that you have overcome on the time you have played! :D

- Flakes

ImBeingStalked Ranger Yay so good to hear xD
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